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Operating a business can be a legal minefield especially if you are not aware of all the laws and regulations in place to protect yourself, your customers and your employees. An awareness of these laws and which sections are applicable to you can help you get to grips with the legalities of running a business and any insurance which you should purchase to protect yourself from any financial issues stemming from a breach or neglect of these laws. Health and Safety laws and public liability insurance is an example of a law and insurance that work together.


There are several types of law which come under the blanket term of business law:

- Contract law
- Sale of goods
- Consumer credit
- Consumer protection
- Company law
- Tort and negligence
- Health and safety
- Liquidation and insolvency

These cover some of the most fundamental parts of running a business and if you are unaware of the law and the effects it will have on the way you operate your business then you should seek legal advice for clarification. Legal advice is often useful in the case of setting up contracts which are to be used by a range of individuals and customers, these will display all the terms and conditions of a purchase or business transaction so both parties are aware of their legal rights and limitations.

Any goods you sell through your business must be fit for purpose, as described, work as expected and most importantly be safe to use. If a customer or employee is injured through your negligent goods, services or actions you may be sued for compensation which can be a costly, lengthy process which will also damage the reputation of your business.

In addition to this there are many types of law which work alongside business law such as:

- Employment law
- Property law
- Taxation law

Wherever possible you should run your business with legal documents, contracts and notices to protect you from any potential business law issues.

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