Family Mediation

Family Mediation

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Family life is not always easy, especially when it comes to a relationship breakdown when children are involved. It is often necessary in such situations to get some outside legal help which can help address your problems and try to come up with a solution that all parties are happy with.

Family mediation is a cheaper, easier alternative than going to court and will be offered in situations of a family grievance in the hope it will avoid a court case. Some problems that family mediation can attempt to resolve are the separation of assets, the custody and/or living arrangements and financial support for a child. All parties, such as the mother and father of the child need to be involved in the mediation process and it will take place on neutral ground.

Mediation will involve both parties and an independent mediator. The first point of the meeting will be to establish what both parties would like to achieve through the mediation, the reasons for doing so and any problems the other party may have with such wishes. Once the agenda has been set the mediator will work through these in the hope of coming to an agreement which both parties are happy with. If it is a complex issue or a series of multiple issues this may take several sessions of mediation.

If a mediation involves a child and the child is old enough the mediator may want to discuss the mediation with them and what their thoughts are on the options which are being discussed in the mediation meetings. This will be a professionally trained individual who has experience working with children in these situations.

You should be trying to avoid a court case as the decisions made in a family mediation are often discussed and negotiated whereas a court order may come with some strict conditions neither party are happy with.

Family mediation is not just used in divorce or separation cases when a child is involved, it is also available for some other legal problems within families. There is some funding available through legal aid which covers the cost of family mediation which also makes it a more attractive option if you cannot afford court fees. You should contact your solicitor to see if you are suitable for family mediation and if so, entitled to any of the available funding.

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