Motoring Offences

Motoring Offences

Free Motoring Offences Advice

Dangerous driving puts your own and other peoples lives at risk, due to this there are many rules of the road which you must adhere to. There are a range of motoring offences with different levels of severity, the most severe result in an automatic disqualification from driving, other offences may be penalised through penalty points, fines and even temporary driving bans.

Some of the most common motoring offences are:

Seat belts - although wearing a seat belt has been law for many years there are still people that fail to wear a seat belt. Some people believe as they are only going on a short trip there is no need - this is wrong. No matter how long you plan on driving your car you must always wear your seat belt. Failure to do so puts your own life at risk and will result in a £30 fine which can be increased if the case goes to court.

Using mobile phones whilst driving - a recent ban as many accidents were being caused by the use of mobile phones! Mobiles take your concentration off the road and at least one of your hands off the steering wheel for a period of time. If you use a mobile phone and are caught you will face a fine and if it contributes to an accident then you may face jail, disqualification or a large fine.

Speeding - it may be tempting to speed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are running late, there are no other drivers on the road or even because you don't think you will get caught? Whatever it is, it is an illegal offence and will be punished through points on your licence and a fine. New alternatives to points are speed awareness courses. Serious cases will end up in court and you may lose your licence.

If you are a frequent offender and receive 12 points on your licence within 3 years you will lose your licence, new drivers can lose their licence quicker and will be required to pass another driving test to be legally able to drive again.

There are other motoring offences, these include drink driving, driving without insurance and dangerous driving.

If you have committed a serious motor offence which is not penalised by penalty points or a fine alone then you may need to seek legal advice, especially if your motoring offence leads to a criminal case and you are in need of legal representation in court.

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