PPI Claims

PPI Claims

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Payment protection insurance (PPI) is sold with loans, credit cards, store cards and mortgages offering a way to cover the payments of your credit if you were unable to pay for a variety of reasons such as illness and loss of employment.


PPI policies had lots of hidden terms and conditions that often made it impossible for many to make a claim to cover their payments. These difficulties left many paying for payment protection that not only did they not want, but something that was not serving any purpose and causing them further financial problems.

In the past, payment protection insurance was commonly mis-sold by banks and other financial institutions who made the customer believe that taking out often expensive payment protection insurance was essential to their application and they would not be able to receive the requested finance without doing so. Over 70% of PPI was actually mis-sold and if you were one of the many customers that received PPI which you did not want or need then it may be possible to claim back the costs of this.

Many people believe that making a claim to recover the cost of their payment protection insurance is difficult, time consuming and expensive. This however is not the case, making a PPI claim is relatively simple, straight forward process even if you have paid off your loan. Everything will be handled by your legal team so it is essential you contact experts in the area for the best possible result.

Most PPI claims start with a free legal consultation where the lawyer can give you advice regarding your case and whether they believe you should go ahead and make a claim. Most of these services operate on a no win no fee basis so you have nothing to lose and will not face further financial hardship if you do not win your claim.. Approximately 9 out of 10 cases result in a compensation payment.

It is always possibly to make a claim without any legal assistance but this may be difficult, especially when trying to prove that the PPI was mis-sold. Claims management companies and specialist law firms have lots of experience working with and winning such cases, taking all the stress out of the process.

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