Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries

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If you have suffered an injury due to the negligent actions of another party then you may be able to receive compensation for the injury caused and the effect it has had on your day to day life, these are called personal injury claims.


A wide range of injuries come under the term “personal injury”, both psychological physical and these can be caused by an accident, during work, at a hospital (medical negligence), a criminal act and can even cover discrimination or bullying which could leave to psychological issues. If you are unsure whether your injury is included then you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Time is of the essence when pursuing a claim due to various reasons! First and foremost there is a time limit you must adhere to and once the time limit has lapsed you will no longer be able to make a claim. Secondly, lots of evidence, witness statements and medical reports need to be collected during the process of making a claim and it is best that these are done while the evidence is still fresh and the accident is still in the minds of others. Finally, the personal injury claim process is lengthy especially if the other party choose not to accept responsibility or agree with your claim.

When deciding whether to pursue a personal injury claim many people are interested in the level of compensation they will receive. Most of the time this is to ensure that it is actually worthwhile to go ahead with the claim. Your compensation will cover all related expenses you have incurred due to the accident if you have proof or receipts for these, any loss of earnings either now or in the future because of the effects of the accident and then an additional amount of compensation awarded for the pain and suffering and the long term effect it will have on your life, health and ability to work.

Even if you do not expect to receive a large amount of compensation you should still go ahead with your claim as the impact this will make against those responsible will often be enough to change the procedures in a business or even make people more aware of how potentially negligent their actions are and the problems they cause others. This could help reduce the amount of people who suffer a personal injury as a result of these negligent actions.

You can often get free legal advice regarding your personal injury claim from the many specialist personal injury lawyers that work on a no win, no fee basis.
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