Will Writing

Will Writing

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Writing a will is exceptionally important, especially if you have assets, businesses or children which will need to be taken care of in the case of your death.



A will is not a legal requirement but if you do not have a will your wishes will not be considered when distributing your assets or business and this instead will be done according to the law which may be far from what you hoped or what is beneficial for your loved ones.

When writing your will you will need to consider the following points:

- Who should look after your children if you die?
- What do you want to happen to any property you may own?
- Who do you want to include in your will? Family, friends, charities?
- Do you have any specific funeral wishes?
- Are there any conditions to any of your wishes?

You will also need to appoint an executor of your will who will start probate in the case of your death, take care of your assets and estate and ensure the wishes in your will and any conditions you may have added are all fulfilled.

Will writing can be expensive if you have a complex range of affairs, assets and wishes to include so all of these points should be considered prior to visiting your solicitor to draw up your will. You should also take note of any points which you are unsure of, so you can use the time with your solicitor effectively legal and take advantage of any legal advice available. Your solicitor will also be able to give you legal advice concerning inheritance tax and how your family will be effected by such taxes.

If you already have a will you should ensure you keep it up to date after any changes in your personal circumstances, assets or business operations. For example, if you suffer a marriage breakdown and have a new partner but are not currently divorced at the time of your death your husband or wife will receive your assets rather than your current partner who will have no legal basis to contest.


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